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30 Jan : 09:18  by e107
So another successful FUNdamentals course, our first at Shipley.

I must thank Derek Hewitt for setting the training up, Deano Walker for being the able assistant and taking to this teaching thing like a duck to water....

And Martin Woodworth for his demonstrations and lane work....

I would also like to thank Jeff for hosting the event....

The students were....

Lee Metcalfe
Peter Maloney
Peter Benefer
Garteh Harries
Peter Randle
Gareth Davies
Christopher Crowe
Terri-Anne Faulconbridge
Steven Kay
Jamie Dolan
Courtney Lewer
Sam Woodworth
Gregg Stretton

A special mention to Sam for her demonstrations....

Please all go to and make sure you register, upload your photographs etc

Great to have Peter Simmonds along too - CPD Moment!

It's good to get the phase coaches into the mix too to understand what the FUNdamentals program is all about.....

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