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Coach Education Pathway
10 May : 05:22  by admin
This document details the information required for coach qualification and progression through each level. The current BTBA Certification structure is this;

*Three certification levels are ETBF compliant and carry participation and subsequently full coach status:


Following attendance at a course an ETBF Participation certificate will be issued and upon successfully passing the post-course online test they will receive BTBA Coach Certification. In order to participate in the next level a coach must satisfy the relevant criteria for their current certification and achieve the necessary C.E.Us (continued education units) and deliver the requisite number of coaching hours. ONLY on completion of CEUs and monitored hours will coaches be awarded full ETBF Coach Status.
Participation and Certification Procedures

Continued Professional Development Program

To maintain the quality of coaching standards in our country we require coaches at all levels to ensure that they keep their knowledge and skills up to date. This will be achieved through a series of enhancement seminars held regionally each year as well as delivering a minimum number of coaching hours.


Each enhancement will also count towards your annual coaching hours. This chart highlights the type and number of enhancements for each level.

Enhancement Module Topics

Fast Track Option (*)

Once a coach has achieved the required enhancements, they can gain CEUs by assisting at future enhancement and current level courses.

In exceptional circumstances the Director of Coaching and the Director of Sport Development (or equivalent titles) jointly reserve the right to allow individuals on a case by case basis to fast-track one or more levels. This can only be considered by written application.

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