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23 Jun : 19:00  by Andy Penny

The BTBA are very pleased to announce this offer, It is open to all YBCs who wish to assist their Coaches to update their qualifications:

For every coach / instructor in your YBC we will award a £15 subsidy on any coaching course booked before the end of 2017

e.g. IF your YBC has 3 registered coaches (including those already updated) the BTBA will award £15 x3 = £45 towards a coaching course or courses
It can be split between as many or towards one major course depending on your needs
E.G. If your YBC has 18 registered Coaches/ Instructors you will receive £270 towards coaching courses
You may wish to use that £270 for x1 Foundation course plus a Fundamentals course or against x18 Fundamentals courses; it's your money to choose how you spend it on Coaching.

This cannot be used in conjunction with any previous offer but you can still use all offers available on the Coaches Club website.
Watch this space for Future Fundamentals course dates!

+++++++++WE WILL COME TO YOU +++++++++
If your YBC or if you want to join forces with another YBC in your area
For a minimum number of 6 delegates
+++++++++WE WILL COME TO YOU +++++++++

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