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Coaching Section of the B.T.B.A. website - UPDATED!!!
27 Dec : 17:40  by Mark Heathorn
Whether you are an existing coach wishing to progress your learning and ability or looking to take your first steps into the magical world of coaching, these pages will provide you with all the information you require under the QUALIFICATIONS MENU.

If you wish to check the level of qualification someone holds or you want to check when your own qualification is valid until then look under the COACHES MENU.

Curious as to our coaching structure, who's who in our set-up, or who coaches at which Y.B.C. then look under the COACHING TEAM MENU.

We hope you enjoy looking through our new coaching pages.

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21 Dec : 17:13  by Mark Heathorn
Our newly created B.T.B.A. COACHES CLUB is open to every B.T.B.A. qualified instructor or coach, whether you are currently active or not.

Our "members only" area of the website will provide access to resources, exclusive products, and discounts on various coaching events.

Life Membership is completely FREE and is activated simply through our registration page. You must provide a valid email address.

We are now encouraging you to REGISTER NOW in preparation of the official launch in March 2016.