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BTBA Coaching Plan - A vision for the future of our sport
23 May : 15:03  by Andy Penny
Following on from a positive reception at the AGM I am delighted to share with all our members the coaching vision for the future of our sport.

The document highlights the key points, and once the new BTBA website is launched the full version will be available.

yours in sport

Andy Penny
Director of Coaching

Coach Education Pathway
10 May : 05:22  by admin
This document details the information required for coach qualification and progression through each level. The current BTBA Certification structure is this;

*Three certification levels are ETBF compliant and carry participation and subsequently full coach status:


Following attendance at a course an ETBF Participation certificate will be issued and upon successfully passing the post-course online test they will receive BTBA Coach Certification. In order to participate in the next level a coach must satisfy the relevant criteria for their current certification and achieve the necessary C.E.Us (continued education units) and deliver the requisite number of coaching hours. ONLY on completion of CEUs and monitored hours will coaches be awarded full ETBF Coach Status.
Participation and Certification Procedures

Continued Professional Development Program

To maintain the quality of coaching standards in our country we require coaches at all levels to ensure that they keep their knowledge and skills up to date. This will be achieved through a series of enhancement seminars held regionally each year as well as delivering a minimum number of coaching hours.


Each enhancement will also count towards your annual coaching hours. This chart highlights the type and number of enhancements for each level.

Enhancement Module Topics

Fast Track Option (*)

Once a coach has achieved the required enhancements, they can gain CEUs by assisting at future enhancement and current level courses.

In exceptional circumstances the Director of Coaching and the Director of Sport Development (or equivalent titles) jointly reserve the right to allow individuals on a case by case basis to fast-track one or more levels. This can only be considered by written application.

the original source can be located here:-
2018 DEVELOPMENT COACH COURSE (ETBF Level II) dates announced
10 Nov : 16:56  by Mark Heathorn
The next DEVELOPMENT COACH Course will be held in Dunstable from Tuesday 13th March to Friday 16th March 2018.

This 4-day intensive course is open to all Foundation Coaches who are 21 or older, who have already done so or will complete their 150 post Foundation course coaching hours.

It will focus strongly on advanced physical techniques and adjustment, ball motion, lane play, topography, the use of technology in todays modern game, the 2-handed styel and other topics.

Please use this form to register.

The fee of £295 can be paid in 3 instalments.

Please contact Mark Heathorn with any questions
06 Aug : 09:44  by Andy Penny
Director of Coaching Andy Penny is delighted to announced the launch of the BTBA Regional Academy at 3 venues around the country.

All the details are here but for more information please contact andy on

12 Jul : 12:48  by Andy Penny

AMF Wellingborough and Acocks Green bowls played host to two BTBA FUNdamentals Coach courses on the weekend of July 8th & 9th 2017. 19 people attended over the 2 days, most of whom were adding to their existing knowledge, and everyone showed a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the game and for coaching this new aspect to our game. It was also great to see several young bowlers taking their first steps into coaching.

Mark Heathorn delivered both courses with great assistance from Andy Penny (BTBA Director of Coaching, Dave Tagg (Development Coach) and Alan Wills (Foundation Coach) on Saturday at Wellingborough. The attendees were;

- Chris Dyble
- Gary Best
- David Sillis
- Rhys Bean
- Steve Bean
- Austin Taylor
- Scott Moore
- Beris Corke
- Michael Hall
- Alan Hyde
- John Yorke
- Sam Collins
- Chris Collins

On Sunday Mark was ably assisted by Russell Semple and Paul Watson (both Foundation Coaches) and the attendees were;

- Katherine Short
- Chris Thomas
- Aimee-Elizabeth Prosser
- Sam Short
- Richie Reece
- Ken Forrest

29 Jun : 20:18  by Andy Penny
Please download this press release.

23 Jun : 19:00  by Andy Penny

The BTBA are very pleased to announce this offer, It is open to all YBCs who wish to assist their Coaches to update their qualifications:

For every coach / instructor in your YBC we will award a £15 subsidy on any coaching course booked before the end of 2017

e.g. IF your YBC has 3 registered coaches (including those already updated) the BTBA will award £15 x3 = £45 towards a coaching course or courses
It can be split between as many or towards one major course depending on your needs
E.G. If your YBC has 18 registered Coaches/ Instructors you will receive £270 towards coaching courses
You may wish to use that £270 for x1 Foundation course plus a Fundamentals course or against x18 Fundamentals courses; it's your money to choose how you spend it on Coaching.

This cannot be used in conjunction with any previous offer but you can still use all offers available on the Coaches Club website.
Watch this space for Future Fundamentals course dates!

+++++++++WE WILL COME TO YOU +++++++++
If your YBC or if you want to join forces with another YBC in your area
For a minimum number of 6 delegates
+++++++++WE WILL COME TO YOU +++++++++
13 Apr : 11:21  by admin

In our continuing efforts to update our member services, the safeguarding and protection of our students and pupils, especially children, is of paramount importance.

We need to maintain our credibility within the wider sports community and raise awareness for everyone
who wishes to have lessons and coaching sessions,that they do so in a safe and protected environment.

We have started the process by introducing the annual license renewal which enables us to check
individual status via the DBS online update service and provide insurance cover for coaches, instructors and officials alike.

In the light of recent events in other sports we have decided to speed it up further, by bringing forward the deadline date for the renewal of all old “White Licenses” to August 31st 2017.

This means that all white license holders must apply for a new license to begin no later than
1st September 2017 in order to continue coaching.

<a id="fancybox" href="" title="Here are the details of the process:"><img src="" style="border: 2" width="600" height="" alt="" /></a>





Additionally, all instructors/coaches who hold “Phase” or “T” (transition) status must update their coaching knowledge to either FUNdamentals Coach or Foundation Coach status before the end of 2017 to continue coaching from 1st January 2018.

It is vital that all our dedicated coaches have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills so that we have consistency across the country.

I’m sure we would all agree that this is especially necessary in YBCs where the protection and safeguard of all our children is, of course, our primary concern.

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BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level 1 Course - Shipley
02 Apr : 14:50  by Neil Hunter

New Coaching Candidates:

- Michael Goodwin

- Dean Walker

- Keira Reay

- Chelsea Williams

- Natalie Tagg

- Curtis Hooper

- Phil McCabe

New Coaches from BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level 1 Course
19 Mar : 20:25  by Neil Hunter

New Coaching Candidates :

- Nick Longworth

- Bob Wren

- Ryan Castro

- Neil Castro

- Leeroy Copping

- Peter Leeke

- Tracy Lofty

- Anthony Andrews

- Jodie Green

- Steve Herbert

- Nick Causer

- Alan Wills

- Graham Ellis

- Paul Watson

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