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Stage 3 - B.T.B.A. Development Coach Award (E.T.B.F. Level II)

Stage 3 of our coaching pathway is titled "DEVELOPMENT COACH" and carries E.T.B.F. Level II status. It is ideal for those coaches who are looking to move into a more senior role with responsibility for developing bowlers into competitors.

What does Development Coach certificate qualify me to do?

The Development Coach will build upon the foundation of a bowlers game, develop an ability up to around the 200 mark and instill the skills required to compete in tournaments.

"coaching at this stage concentrates on building consistancy and you will learn how to pinpoint improvements in technique, expand on ball dynamics and lane play, and develop your players into tournament competitors by creating training plans. Psychology skills, fitness routines and nutritional knowledge are a major part of the development of your athlete at this stage" Mark Heathorn - National Coaching Manager

How is the qualification delivered?

There are two stages

1. Registration and Payment.

2. Attend the four day workshop - part classroom, part lanes.

What are the requirements needed to carry out this training?

Candidates are required to:

- be at least 18 years of age on the day of the workshop

- provide satisfactory D.B.S. enhanced disclosure

- be a member of the B.T.B.A. before attending the workshop

- recommended to have completed between 100 and 150 hours coaching post Foundation Coach qualification**

**Please Note: we have decided not to collate your coaching hours and trust you to know when your are ready to move onto stage 3. If you have not completed a significant amount of coaching hours post Foundation Coach qualification you will struggle to pass the Development Coach Award as we assess a range of skills at this stage.

No refunds are issued if you have chosen to move up too soon. If you have any concerns please talk to the National Coaching Manager.

Contact your Regional Coaching Manager or National Coaching Manager for more details.