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Licensing Policy & Procedure
Licensing Policy

Newly Qualified Instructors and Coaches
With effect from 1st January 2015 all newly qualified coaches must obtain an annual BTBA Coaches License regardless of whether they intend to coach children (in an official YBC or otherwise) or not. This must be applied for within 6 weeks of qualifying.

Renewing Instructors and Coaches

With effect from 1st September 2015 all coaching license renewals will last for 12 months

Conditions of BTBA License Issuance

you must be a Current BTBA member

your DBS status must be satisfactory and registered with the DBS Update Service for annual status checks. (see details below)

your qualification must be "current" (see definition below)

Definitions and Clarifications

A current qualification at the point of license application is defined as;

- a successful pass of the “transition test”

- FUNdamentals Instructor

- Foundation Coach (E.T.B.F. Level 1)

- Development Coach (E.T.B.F. Level 2)

- National Coach (E.T.B.F. Level 3)

- Master Coach

Refresher Training

From 1st January 2017 we will be introducing Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This will enable instructors and coaches who do not wish to progress to the next level of qualification remain current in training techniques.

Transitioned (or non-transitioned) Instructors/Coaches - 1/2 Day workshop

FUNdamentals Instructors - 1/2 Day workshop

Foundation Coaches - 1 Day workshop

Development Coaches - 1 Day workshop

National Coaches - 2 Day workshop

Master Coaches - 1 Day Assessment

Completion of your refresher training can be completed at any time during the 3 year period post qualification, and as regularly as you choose. Each time you attend a refresher training workshop your current qualification is activated for a further 3 year period from that date.

Each time you move up a stage and qualify at the next level your 3 year active status is initiated.


Coaching licences are issued on the basis of having personal liability and professional indemnity insurance. This is available from Head Office at the time of license application or if you have your own, proof of policy and period of cover must be provided to Head Office.

(DBS) Disclosure and Barring Service

In order to be issued with an annual license your DBS Certificate must be satisfied by Head Office.
to enable the BTBA to carry out annual checks it is mandatory that your DBS is Registered with the DBS Update Service.

BTBA Licence Procedure

Before you can be a Licensed Coach, There are a few things that you need.

BTBA Membership
BTBA membership is available from the main BTBA web site

A suitable enhanced DBS Certificate is required,
if your DBS certificate is more than a year old and is not on the DBS Update Service you will need to apply for a new DBS You can request a DBS application pack here

If you do not already have a current BTBA approved qualification there are courses available for all levels which will be advertised on the home page

Licence Fee Payment of £12.50
the Licence Fee is mandatory for all Coaches and Officials
There are are 3 payment methods you can choose from

1) Cheque:

Please make payment to 10Pin Tournaments.

Send to:

100 Meadow Lane, Newhall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 0UT

Please write your course date and location on the rear. If you are sending a cheque for someone else, please write their name on the reverse of the cheque.

2) Direct Payment (Bank Transfer):

10Pin Tournaments
Sort Code: 77-08-12
Account Number: 30524068
REF: Your Full Name

3) PayPal

Please click on the button below to pay via PayPal.

1) Apply for your licence:

Once all of the above have been completed all you have to do is:
Coach -
(there is no paper copy for licence applications and can only be submitted online)

Official -

due to the number of incomplete applications, as from the 23rd January 2017 if your licence application does not have all of the information required, inc valid DBS and Acceptable Photo your application will be rejected and you will need to apply again.

if you are not sure if your DBS is on the online update service please click here and we will check it for you.