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Foundation Coaches
This list displays everyone who has completed the Foundation Coach Award, the date they passed, the venue, (see LICENSING POLICY for full details)

Every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of this page, but should you find an error please email YOUR REGIONAL COACHING MANAGER

To check the current status of a particular coach please ask to see their license or contact Head Office directly.

For replacement certificates please CONTACT US

Name Pass Date Workshop
Jamie Phillips 30-06-2015 Stroud
Richard Beck 01-07-2015 Stroud
Chelsea Piggott 03-07-2015 Stroud
Bill Riches 12-07-2015 Bromborough
Iain Butler 13-07-2015 Kettering
Darren Cochran 13-07-2015 Kettering
Craig Ellis 13-07-2015 Kettering
Trevor Gibbs 13-07-2015 Kettering
Terry Searle 15-07-2015 Stroud
Kelvin Sloper 15-07-2015 Kettering
Gary Parkinson 16-07-2015 Kettering
Colin Laing 28-07-2015 Stroud
Paul Meyers 31-07-2015 Kettering
Calvin Murray 01-08-2015 Bromborough
Ron Griffin 24-08-2015 Stroud
Steve Hamlet 17-10-2015 Kettering
Tracey Hart 23-10-2016 Newbury
Simon Kimber 23-10-2016 Newbury
Steve Rowley 25-10-2016 Newbury
Nigel Montgomery 27-11-2016 Stroud
Ian Oakley 27-11-2016 Stroud
Ryan Grace 27-11-2016 Stroud
Russell Semple 27-11-2016 Stroud
Glen Bailey 27-11-2016 Stroud
Philip Cox 27-11-2016 Stroud
Carla-Marie Moore 27-11-2016 Stroud
Chris Collins 27-11-2016 Stroud
Sandi Montgomery 27-11-2016 Stroud
Chris Carver 27-11-2016 Stroud
Simon Taylor 27-11-2016 Stroud
Christopher Hallett 27-11-2016 Stroud
all BTBA Qualifications are only valid with an in-date BTBA Licence