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Coaching FAQs
1. How will the new qualifications, structure and coaching policy effect my Y.B.C.?
The new structure and qualifications are designed to vastly increase the support and opportunities to create more instructors and coaches than ever before. The FUNdamentals Coach award is specifically designed to help Y.B.C's get more coaches, more quickly, more locally, and more cost effectively than ever before. Our newly appointed and trained Coaching Tutors will enable us to react to the demand for courses - supported by our online and administrative partners Sporting Structures. We have Tutors ready to run 6 hour workshops all over the country, and are always looking to recruit more. These same people will also form the support network for Y.B.C. development and growth.

2. Why do I have to get licensed when I am not planning to work in a Y.B.C. or with children?

It is a B.T.B.A. policy decision to make licensing mandatory for everyone who completes a new qualification. This is the responsible action to take and ensures that we have better information about who is coaching under the B.T.B.A. banner and allows us to make necessary checks at least annually.

3. Why must I have insurance?
This is mandatory within SportsCoachUK minimum standards for coaches. It is available directly from Head Office if you cannot provide proof of a personal or club policy.

4. As an existing "Phase" qualified coach, what will happen if I do not take the transition test before my license is due for renewal?
You will be suspended from coaching until you have passed it, or completed a new qualification (and complied with the other conditions of the licensing policy).

5. Why do I have to pay for the transition test?
The transition test was FREE of CHARGE to ALL existing instructors and coaches (licensed or not, active or not) for over 6 months prior to 30th JUNE 2015. After this date the method of delivery could not be provided free of charge and is hosted by our partners Sport Structures

6. Why have you chosen to partner with the European Tenpin Bowling Federation and deliver their coaching qualifications?
A comprehensive process and consultation with a wide range of instructors and coaches both in this country and overseas, as well as several meetings with the Educators of the E.T.B.F. determined that a partnership with them will allow us to provide our coaches and bowlers with a modern, flexible, and well-researched range of qualifications. Our goals and vision sit very comfortably with theirs and we will be in a strong position in terms of support structures and recognition.

7. Why can't I just transfer my current Phase certification to the new E.T.B.F. certification structure?
It is not possible to compare Phase qualifications directly with E.T.B.F. qualifications because in simple terms Phase qualifications teach the "classic game" and E.T.B.F. teaches the modern game. Our game has changed significantly in terms of technology, lane patterns and as a result the physical techniques of our game have evolved and become far more athletic and bio-mechanical.

8. Why isn't my U.S.B.C. qualification recognised?
Within the European Zone the U.S.B.C. has not applied for official recognition which as a country federation it must do, which means their qualifications cannot be used as an official qualification. As an organisation though we do recognise the learning and understanding that an individual who carries these certificates has; therefore within our new CLUB COACH concept we have provided an option for coaches to list all their bowling qualifications and applicable academic learning.

9. Why do I have to take more courses to "get back to where I am now"?
This is not the case. Whatever Phase Qualification you have does not meant you understand the modern game and techniques. Our fully updated qualifications will enhance your understanding of the modern game and ensure that you have the skills and methods to help our bowlers develop in line with other leading countries for years to come. One of the failings of the previous system was that there has been no method of ensuring that our instructors and coaches remain current in their methods. It is important for the integrity of our sport that we can show that our instructors and coaches have the system and structure to support them in continuing their personal development, not least of all to create a level of consistency across the country. The new system has that in place and is designed to ensure that when course content is updated there is a mechanism in place to ensure that all instructors and coaches learn this through re-fresher courses and other methods. By recognising previous learning in the title of transitioning instructors and coaches, i.e. T-1 Instructor or T-3 Coach, your status is retained. As stated in other questions though it is not possible to integrate or transfer.

10. What is the role of the Coaching Tutors?
Our new coaching tutors are key members of the coaching team and will help to develop the new FUNdamentals Coaches who will predominantly help in Y.B.Cs. They are there to act as mentors to all FUNdamentals Coaches and to provide support to Y.B.Cs. They are though volunteers and so their time will be theirs to allocate but the more Coaching Tutors who come on board the more support there will be. There is no precise limit to the number of Coaching Tutors we will train and the importance and function of this role will develop further over time.

If your question is not answered here or on the main pages of our website please contact your local coaching tutor or Regional Coaching Manager.