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Refresher Training
From 1st January 2017 we will be introducing refresher training.

This option will enable instructors and coaches who do not wish to progress to the next stage, to re-activate their qualification for a further 3 year period and to help them remain up to date with current training techniques. These training will all be in the form of practical workshops with the focus on coaching skills.

Refresher Workshops

Transitioned (or non-transitioned) Instructors/Coaches - 1/2 Day workshop

FUNdamentals Instructors - 1/2 Day workshop

Foundation Coaches - 1 Day workshop

Development Coaches - 1 Day workshop

National Coaches - 2 Day workshop

Master Coaches - 1 Day Assessment

Completion of your refresher training can be completed at any time during the 3 year period post qualification, and as regularly as you choose. Each time you attend a refresher training workshop your current qualification is activated for a further 3 year period from that date.

Each time you move up a stage and qualify at the next level your 3 year active status is initiated.