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Stage 2 - B.T.B.A. Foundation Coach Award (E.T.B.F. Level I)

Stage 2 of our coaching pathway is titled "FOUNDATION COACH" and carries E.T.B.F. Level 1 status. It is ideal for existing Phase Instructors and Coaches and is naturally the next stage for FUNdamentals Instructors who wish to progress their learning.

What does Foundation Coach certificate qualify me to do?

The Foundation Coach will take over from the FUNdamentals Coach and build the foundation of a bowlers game up to around the 160/170 scoring level.

"at this stage you will learn to concentrate on a series of drills that develops bowling specific movement patterns with focus on the swing, timing points, and steps with repeat-ability and efficiency at the core of everything you do. You will learn to introduce ball dynamics and the basics of lane play and oiling patterns. Building the foundation of the ability to spare is more in focus than the ability to strike with this level of player." Mark Heathorn - National Coaching Manager

How is the qualification delivered?

There are three stages

1. Registration and Payment.

2. Attend the three day workshop - part classroom, part lanes.

3. Pass a multi-choice test paper. (80%)

What are the requirements needed to carry out this training?

Candidates are required to:

- be at least 16 years of age on the day of the workshop

- provide satisfactory D.B.S. enhanced disclosure

- be a member of the B.T.B.A. before attending the workshop

Contact your Regional Coaching Manager or National Coaching Manager for more details.