Welcome to the BTBA Coaching website which is designed to inform you about what we are delivering for our coaches and bowlers alike. I will clarify why we have altered our coach education program and paint a picture of what we are doing for coaches and especially bowlers over the coming months and years at all levels; leisure, league, county, international, and pro bowler.

It was clear that following a review of the existing Phase qualifications in 2014, that we needed to significantly update what we educate our coaches to teach; not least because of the very different environment we are in, compared to the period in which the Phase education was first penned. After consultation with many experienced coaches, and with the European Tenpin Bowling Federation Education Committee we decided to make their coach education program the core of ours

The ETBF program consists of 3 qualifications – level 1, level 2, and level 3 and in order to remove direct comparison and confusion from our existing Phase 1,2,3, & 4 the BTBA titles of Foundation Coach, Development Coach, and National Coach was born. Additionally, I created the FUNdamentals qualification for 2 main reasons;

  1. To create specialists in developing and coaching physical literacy (fundamental movement patterns)
  2. To provide an easier way into coaching for parents of bowlers with no bowling or coaching experience

Whenever a program of change is implemented in any organisation, and in our case a 99% volunteer based one, there will be resistance, some pain, and even fear. This is very natural but when the change is correct and necessary this process must happen. Change can also bring excitement, a freshness and over the coming years will bring improved performance at enjoyment of the game at all levels.

Since our first course in 2015, we have trained well over 250 people at FUNdamentals level, over 150 at Foundation level (ETBF Level1), 26 at Development level (ETBF Level 2), whilst 2 people have achieved ETBF Level 3 status. These numbers include many former Phase qualification holders as well as many new coaches, and we want this trend to continue.

All former Phase qualified instructors and coaches must now qualify as a FOUNDATION COACH by attending the ETBF Level 1 course in order to be licensed.

The way we should teach our new bowlers, especially the young, must teach movements that are biomechanically sound and help to prevent injury whilst performing their sport in today’s environment; which now requires more speed and rev rate than ever before.

With now have more licensed coaches than 4 years ago, many of whom have years of coaching experience which suggests a very exciting time ahead. The combination of experience, innovative ideas, and fresh enthusiasm is a potent mix for future success.

My role as the BTBA Coaching Education Manager is to help develop as many coaches and design methods and systems to ensure we maintain our standards and improve the quality of coaching we deliver to all bowlers. To support this,

I have also produced the Bowler Development Pathway providing bowlers and coaches a clear understanding of how to develop capability. Full details are provided further into this document.

Should you have any questions please do get in touch.

Mark Heathorn